Reopening of Château de Busset in May 2025

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- the restauration of the castle chapel, the parc, the Tower of Templars and the creation of the «Suite des Bourbons»

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Reopening of the GUIDED TOUR in 2025

From Mai and June 2025

Saturday and Sunday: Guided tour starting at 15:00 and 16:30.

July and August 2025
Wednesday to Sunday Daily guided tour starting at 15:00 and 16:30.
Night guided tour at 21:30 (upon request, in summer only:

From September to October 2025

Saturday and Sunday: Guided tour starting at 15:00 and 16:30.

Price daily tour: 6 €/person
Price night tour: 9 €/person
Parc & garden only: 3 €/person


An architectural masterpiece which links the Middle Ages with the Renaissance;
fortress and ancestral home - the Chateau de Busset is an eloquent witness of the most fascinating times of French history.
Since the end of the 15th century, it hasbeen the property of the non-reigning direct descendants of Saint-Louis.

At the time of the Crusades...

The origins of the Castle of Busset resonate with the din of the weapons of the Templars - the religious and military knights who fought in the defence of the pilgrims in the Holy Land. Tradition maintains that the construction of the castle had commenced by the end of the 13th century on the site of a Commanderie during the time when Renand de Vichy was Grand Master of the Order of the Temple. The frescos that decorate the oratory of the south-east tower, which probably date from the end of the 14th century, bear witness to the strong sense of spirituality permeating that house.

Medieval fortress...

The edifice dominating over the valley of the river Allier was a creation of its time - a feudal home erected to repulse attacks, to defend its sovereignty, to protect itself. Its ramparts, whose longer side presents itself from the front, the straight moat-protected walls, the mighty keep crowned by galleries and battlements as well as the elegant and yet imposing Orion tower, still bear witness to that purpose.

The Orion tower...

Covered by an octagonal roof, the Orion tower (opposite) received its name from the constellation which the Knights of the Temple enjoyed observing from its top.

To the origins of the family of France...

The vicissitudes of history resulted in Busset falling to the feudal lord de Tourzel, Baron d'Alegre, and later his great-grand-daughter Marguerite getting married in 1498 to Pierre de Bourbon, Chamberlain of Louis XII. Since that moment the Bourbon Busset family have never left that estate.

From the fortified castle to the pleasant home...

The marriage between Philippe de Bourbon Busset and Louise Borgia, daughter of the famous Cesare Borgia, brought a flavor of Italian Renaissance spirit to Busset that softened the character of the castle. In particular, Louise added a covered arcade to the ground floor, which reproduced the architectural rhythm of the cloisters, and a gallery on the first floor of the east wing, whose frescos have recently been re-discovered and restored.

The Cousin of Navarre...

The influence of the Bourbon Busset family on history was considerable. Henri IV would not have honored the castle with his stay there in 1559 if he had not highly esteemed that family - which was the only one to lend its name to a province: le Bourbonnais.
Moreover, Claude de Bourbon Busset, coutier of the King's Chamber, was raised by letters of 1586 to the rank of Count.

After the Revolution...

Feats of armed combat were frequent among members of that illustrious family. Many of them bore high military titles even after the French Revolution, which proved to be a painful period...
After the injuries had been healed in the 19th century, the restorations of Viollet-le-Duc and a number of interior conversions were completed in the castle. For example, the wooden panelling "en plis de serviette" of the Saint-Louis gallery or the painted coffered ceiling - additions which are harmoniously juxtaposed to the medieval parts such as the monumental fireplace in the grand salon.